2000 chevy s10 ignition not going back in : Locksmith

So i came out to generate a key to a 00 chevy s10.

Picked the ignition over and got the keycode. Made the key and now the tail end of the ignition is not aligning correctly to the switch inside the column.

I have tried using a tool to turn the switch back to ACC but it is not in the position it should be for the ignition to slide in and will not line up right in any position.

The tail end requires the switch to be vertical [ ] with the retainer on top. But the switch inside is horizontal and will not remain in a vertical position.

I know GM in some cases will not allow the ignition to be turned off for removal of the key if the battery is dead but this is not the issue.

Any advice or possible shared experiences with the same issue would be fantastic.


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