Locked in, advice please? Deadbolt seems like it’s disengaged, but door won’t open. : Locksmith

looks like the bolt is not fully retracted. theres probably a small cutout/clearancing on the “hinge side” of that hole, that the end of the deadbolt slides into, and the whole assemble is now bent so its not lining up and cant fully retract. either do something about that, or just break out whats left and try pullng it out that way… also can u just open the other door? its probably got some latch bolts on the top or bottom, but the deadbolt is probably retracted enough that if u undo the other door and open them both at the same time, itll probably just open so u can remove the deadbolt. but man, have a locksmith install the new one if you live here. you always want a professional to ensure your locks that you trust for your safety are installed properly… so this doesnt happen again….

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Trying to keep a family member out of my room who keeps breaking in… : Locksmith

I’m trying to find a good doorknob with a lock and key I can buy locally for my bedroom that can’t be jimmied open with a butter knife. I’m not sure of what doorknob would be good for this and I can’t continuously buy knobs and test if it does the job or not. 🤦‍♀️ I don’t feel like my personal belongings are safe because of my mother going through her addiction. Would anyone please be able to offer me some suggestions?

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