I need a brass key, exactly like the attached sketch, can anyone help? : Locksmith

As weird as it might sound, I need an old school brass key exactly like the one on the sketch. The most important parts are the top (almost round with the small ‘arrow’ part) and the two ‘prongs’, one a plain rectangle, and one slanted and pointy. Any help would be appreciated! Willing to pay for shipping and manufacturing if needed 🙂 I’m in the US

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Locksmiths. What do apprentices/low experience guys do that drives you nuts? : Locksmith

Use your tools without asking. Great way to get in some deep shit with an experienced technician with reliable hand tools they’ve been using for years.

I had to chew out a rookie a year or two ago for using my short little phillips head that I’ve had for years. It’s like he didn’t realize that not only is that thing someone else’s property, but it’s used in countless applications that make it better than having to find an equally versatile tool for the job. Little dumb mother fucker.

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where can I find another door lock like this? : Locksmith

I live in a really old house and one room has this lock on the door, and I’d like to add the same type to another door but I can only find mortise lock sets with the latch included. I want one that is keyed but only has the lock, not the latch, and is surface mounted. I think it is called a rim lock, but all the ones I find online have doorknob holes as well as keyholes. Any ideas?

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Calling all ‘smiths to solve a mystery. : Locksmith

I’ve got a coworker, fellow licensed locksmith, that is in a situation where someone is getting into an apartment with no signs of forced entry. The front door lock was changed out to two Mul-t-lok 006 keyway, on a jimmy-proof deadbolt and a mortise lock. There are no other ways into the apartment: 13th Floor, fire escape is not attached. This is a former significant other with no known locksmithing experience, that’s getting in and is stealing items and shitting on the floor.

Does anyone have any ideas how this person could be getting in? I’ve seen people pick mul-t-lok cylinders but I highly doubt this person is capable. Or are there vulnerabilities that would allow someone to bypass two jimmy-proof lock and mortise body with two mul-t-lok cylinders that I’m missing?

All are welcome to message me if you have an answer, where I’ll provide my license. Thanks to everyone in advance, we are completely stumped.

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Need recommendations for time lock safe : Locksmith

I am looking to find a good time lock safe, and I’m hoping you wonderful people can help me out. I was prescribed benzodiazepines for postpartum anxiety a few years ago. I am trying to get off the medication but it is EXTREMELY difficult (and yes, I am doing so under the supervision of my doctor). I want to find a time lock safe where I can set the safe to open after a specified time period (e.g., 3 days, 1 week, etc.). I have found a few time lock safes online but honestly they look really cheap. I need something that cannot be broken into. Does anyone know where I might find such a safe? Alternatively, is it possible to add a time lock device to an existing safe and, if so, how would I do that? Thanks in advance!

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