Bought a cheap set of tools to get into my moped : Locksmith

Firstly, I’m sorry if this is something of a bus man’s holiday for you folks, but I could do with some advice.

Put simply – Lost my keys, no spare. I need to order a new key, but need the lock number.

I tried getting to the ignition, but there’s so much plastic, and I don’t want to break anything. I figured it would be easier to get to my storage lock, and after a quick Google it seemed like picking the lock would be quite easy.

I bought this little set in the hope of getting in.

I’ve been trying with the butterfly pick, but my main issue is getting any grip with the tension wrench. Do I need a wider tool to bridge the gap, or do I need to get it a bit further into the lock?

I’ll gladly take any other advice – I’ve always wanted to learn, and I’ve finally picked my first lock, just not the lock I need to pick.

Thanks for any and all help in advance!

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Kwikset cost cutting choices : Locksmith

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Kwikset? More like Shitset!

Rekeyed two Kwikset knobs that a customer brought in yesterday. Not sure which store he got them from, but they were in plastic clamshell. First thing I noticed was the plastic spindle. Which pencil pusher decided that making one of the most essential parts of the lock plastic was a good idea? I mean, it’s job security for us, right? Its just fucking annoying.

I’m sure the shitty metal they used before was cheap enough. I don’t think the ones we get in the box will be like this, hopefully, but you can really tell they are doing all they can to save a buck. Just look at the corrugated cores… I’ve come across some older Kwikset knobs that had such tight tolerances, you could barely get a shim in there.

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Mul-t-lock cylinder in contemporary Kwikset Vancouver entry handleset? : Locksmith

Hi r/Locksmith,

I recently re-keyed all exterior doors in our home with Mul-t-lock deadbolts. Our main entry door has an ugly traditional bright brass lever with a separate satin nickel Mul-t-lock deadbolt. I would like to replace both with something like this from Kwikset.

Is it possible to use the Mul-t-lock cylinder with a different tailpiece in that (or similar) handleset?

Thanks in advance–


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Hello r/Locksmith – Advice please! : Locksmith

I got an old medication cart from a nursing home that was closing down a while back to use as a rolling tool chest. It works great and I love it. However, because it was a med cart, it has a lock on it. I would like to get a duplicate of the key made so I don’t accidentally lock my tools in forever. The problem is that the key is stamped “Duplication Prohibited”. Any advice? Thank you Reddit!



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Help changing Adams Rite-style screw in cylinder. Commercial steel door. : Locksmith

Hey r/locksmith!

So me and my partner have just taken a lease on a commercial premises which will be used as a small storefront for our microbrewery. It’s the perfect time with lockdown to get on with getting the place tidied up and looking like a shop!

We would like to change the front lock, as we were given the keys by the estate agent but don’t feel comfortable using the same lock that may have been used by the previous occupants. The agency wants to charge us £200 to do it though. We found a new screw-in barrel for 15 quid, so would be happy to do it ourselves, however we’ve come up against a problem.

The place where I should be able to access the screws to undo the lock is covered by a steel plate that runs the entire height of the door save for the hole where the lock bolt itself swings out from.

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On inspection of the top of the door it looks like it sits in grooves and could possibly shift upwards to allow access to the screws? It doesn’t seem to budge though. Is it just a case of WD-40 or are there some retaining bolts somewhere stopping the front plate from moving? I’m really confused, it seems so simple but frustrating.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Need a security lock for toddler : Locksmith

Forgive me if this is the wrong sub to post this. My son is turning 3 next month and he has reached the point where he can unlock and open the front door. I’d like to install some type of chain lock on the top of the door where he can’t reach. But I don’t have anywhere to mount on the right side of the door. Is there something I can do about this or still install? Thank you for any help! Front door

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