Antique Sargent mortise lock – question about restoration : Locksmith

Hey there. I’m on a quest to make my front door more vintage appropriate and was gifted this lock. It is complete and I just didn’t take pictures before I started disassembly. Here is the short album. Do you guys have any info on the approximate age of this lock? And most importantly can you give me information on the ease of getting it functional? Can I get a replacement core that would work or get it rekeyed? I tried a minimal disassembly of the core but got quickly stumped when nothing happened after unscrewing the two back screws so I put it back together. Your input is appreciated!

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Choosing a safe?

I've been to three different safe shops in the last two days. I've got it down to the following in basic paint colorations:

  • AmSec BF 6636 – $6200 installed.
  • Fort Knox Protector 6637 – $5200 installed.
  • Fort Knox Executive 6637 – $5900 installed.
  • Liberty National Security Classic Plus 40 (66×36 sized) – $5500 installed.

All with electronic locks, power, lights, dehumidifier, jewelry box, door organizer, corner bolts on the Fort Knox, and handle on the AmSec and Fort Knox.

Budget is $5-6k and the AmSec is kind of over budget.

They all have their individual pluses and minuses such as:

  • + Fort Knox tests at much higher fire temperature (lasts longer too), has a S&G electronic lock, corner bolts.
  • – Fort Knox doesn't list internal volume, warranty requires you to ship the safe back to them after an incident.
  • + Liberty has much better warranty than others (free shipping, free opening, free replacement, transferable), uses locking plates instead of bars, great interior setup but not fully carpeted (under shelves).
  • – Liberty uses a SecuRam electronic lock – never heard of them.
  • + AmSec's BF uses the DryLight fire protection and has 1/2" plate steel door.
  • – AmSec is most expensive.

I've been told by all three salesmen that I'll be happy with any of the three companies. Leaning more towards Liberty because of their excellent warranty and better overall shopping experience (large showroom with all models on display).

How did you decide on what to get? Thoughts? Threats would be fire and break-in.

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In California, can you install a DOORKNOB for the back door of a commercial building? : Locksmith

I live in Orange County to be specific and just re-keyed my friend’s new warehouse. There were 3 doors in the back and all 3 had a set of lever and deadbolt. One of the lever was falling apart and old so I replaced it with a commercial grade entry doorknob I had and it fit fine. There is an exit sign in the back. After I got home, I started to worry about regulations and such. Is it ok to have a doorknob for the back of the building?

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Is there a master for Illinois J series Cabinet Locks? : Locksmith

Hi Everyone,

Long story short I work in a building that has a ton of cabinets and drawers, each with one of these locks on it. Every single one has a different code (JXXX) and in the key box there are easily 100+ corresponding keys. We rarely lock them because it’s so inconvenient to deal with that many keys but occasionally someone will and it’s always a production to find the right key.

There wouldn’t happen to be a master for this series, would there? It would make things so much easier!


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Can I make a bad key copy work? : Locksmith

I’m subleasing an apartment and lost my key yesterday. My roommate lent me her key (which is a copy of the original) and I got a copy of that from the hardware store. My copy isn’t working. The only roommate with the original key is in another state waiting out COVID-19, and the landlord will make me pay $40 for a new key. Can I “wear down” this copy or something to make it work?

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