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I worked for a locksmith company for several years and learned quite a bit. I made a tough decision to leave last year and went into a different field. I loved the work and I’ve been considering starting up my own business recently. ALOA requires an industry contact/reference etc as a prerequisite but the guy I used to work for didn’t really want his guys getting independent memberships. He always wanted to own your membership to try to discourage people from leaving and I’ve not known him to offer being a reference. He has an established customer base and foothold in the market and I’d be looking to work in a different demographic anyway. I’m trying to determine if there are any other memeberships like ALOA or ways around their requirement to have an industry reference. My old boss fought hard to keep me from leaving and I don’t really want him to know I’m trying to get back in. In my state I could do business without a memebership or license but it would be helpful to gain access to resources and tools and the rest of the community. I’ve managed to scrounge up some basic equipment on ebay and at auctions but I know I don’t have what I’d need to be really successful.

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Locksmith Relocation

Looking to hear from other locksmiths who have relocated to other provinces, states, or territories from where they initially started their career. I've been toying with the idea of moving to another part of the country and wondered what kind of success others have had just by knocking on doors, shaking hands, and handing out physical resumes.

 I ask this because at our shop we've never once advertised any job openings, it's mostly been people walking in who either are good workers willing to learn, or people who have prior experience. From what I gather, at least locally, most of our shops here are old fashioned in that regard and it seems like that kind of attitude is very common within our industry. I'd be very interested to hear others' experiences or even just their two cents. 

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Schlage Keypad : Locksmith

So I don’t usually deal with Schlage access control products. I’m not on-site, customer sent these photos. I think this is an AD-200. Customers describes the function as being storeroom but would like it classroom function. There’s no key-cam in this where I can easily swap it out to change the function is there?

Edit: also wondering if anyone can confirm this is an AD-200

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How to repair ?knob lockout buttons? on bottom of lock. : Locksmith

We recently purchased a house with this lock on the front door. From what I can tell, the two buttons at the bottom control rather the thumb lever/knob can be depressed to open the door.

When the deadbolt is engaged the thumb lever doesn’t move. If I disengage the deadlock and press the bottom button in manually, the lever engages and can move the latch. Seems like it should probably automatically engage this function once the deadbolt is disengaged, but doesn’t. Any ideas on how to fix or at least what the lock type is called so I can research a bit?

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Master (brand) wafer pliers – where to cop these bad boys? : Locksmith

The shop has had this set for years, and boss man remembers possibly getting them from a Master rep, but I have had zero luck finding these to buy for myself. They make getting the wafers out of cam locks a dream, especially nice when I can’t order a bunch KA for commercial jobs and I have to swap wafers around manually.

If these are no longer made, can any of you recommend some other tool to make pulling cam lock wafers any easier? I find that the “pull on it with needlenose” or “put a slotted screwdriver underneath the wafer and tap the housing with a hammer” methods make me destroy wafers more often, and my CompX wafer kit is way unbalanced as it is.

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I’m so tired of getting stood up at auto-lockouts.

I swear it happens twice a week lately. With all the tourist in town, business has been up. But I'll get a call, tell them the price, and say I'll be there in 20 mins or so. When I get there, I don't see the car and they either don't answer at all or tell me they got in.

I don't want to ask for card info over the phone, but I'm burning a lot of time and gas for these wild goose hunts. Any advice? What do y'all do to keep people from wasting your time?

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