s&g 8400 trouble : Locksmith

I have a S&G 8400 safe dial and its not unlocking with the thumb turn. we have the combo but as you turn the arrow to pull the bolt in it does not work. the customer has said they were having trouble with the thumb turn and this time it stopped short and would not turn more so the customer turned with pliers until it popped and clicked and now it will not open. I’m not sure what to do now. can I drill the the dial to open

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Does battery brand matter when opening safe? : Locksmith

My father passed away recently. He has a safe in his room I’ve been trying to open. I got ahold of Sentry customer support who told me I need to use a Duracell battery instead of off brand battery or it won’t be enough juice to open it. It’s an all digital S0500 model there is no key. Have any of you ever heard of this before? I’m on mandatory quarantine so I can’t just run out and buy a Duracell battery just wondering if this is true. I definitely have the right code I’m getting a green proceed light. Thank you

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Door lock change : Locksmith

Hi there,

Could anyone explain to me if it’s possible to change a door with a multi joint lock to another type of lock or am i tied to the same?

I’ve included a link of the door lock i am interested in. I’m looking to switch to a digital lock.

Current doorlock:


Interested in:



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Key too worn out for copy? : Locksmith

Hey all! I’m curious how a key copy machine works and if this key example is too worn out to be copied? If I understand a key tumbler correctly, the high points actuate pins in their correct position, so hopefully the soft edges won’t be a problem. I’m no expert though! Appreciate the input before I take this to a locksmith or if I need a dealer to make a new one based off my VIN ($$$)

key imgur link

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