Can’t remove door handle : Locksmith

Hey guys, I’m trying to remove my door lock because it broke off the other day but, while trying to remove it, I got stuck trying to remove the door handles…

I already removed that handle cover and removed all screws from both sides but i’m still unable to pull the handle off the door. There is no more visible screws nor holes besides those indentations (x2 per handle) in which I already stuck a flat head screwdriver in but with no success.

Here are some images:

Can someone help me?


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Electronic handle set clicking – What’s wrong? : Locksmith

Electrified mortise lock.

Presenting a credential to the reader powers the lock. Clicking should allow the handle to turn and retract the latch. With everything apart, I have no idea if the handle will turn when the lock is energized.

Put the lock back together and test it, or give us a description of the problem.

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Ck100 or nah? : Locksmith

I frequently run into issues when attempting to program H72s and a friend of mine vehemently recommended the CK100.. however I have always subscribe to a you get what you pay for kind of philosophy when it comes to tools and it looks like the CK100 is a little iffy. I’m using the autopropad light at the moment.. I have no intention of giving that up for obvious reasons however it would be nice to add another programmer to the repertoire.. and I don’t feel like the MVP pro is worth it.. any thoughts or recommendations?

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Honda Accord 2003 Door help. : Locksmith

Heres my situation.

Key remote will unlock trunk.

Lock doors.

Key remote will not

Unlock Door

And key will not unlock door when entered manually into the cylinder. Its like its frozen and will not turn.

My only concern is unlocking the door. And don’t wanna put a ton of $ into fixing it.

So my question is what do I ask a locksmith to do? And what would be the cost ?

Id appreciate any feedback.


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Deadbolt throw doesn’t extend all the way sometimes : Locksmith

I have a schlage 562p double cylinder that I’ve installed and the throw will extend all the way for a while and then it becomes inconsistent and I can push the deadbolt back in with my fingers. This has been the case for two deadbolts so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. It feels like the tailpiece works for a bit then starts binding up?

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Is this a sign of forced entry? Is the deadbolt compromised? : Locksmith

I noticed the cover plate on the outside of my deadbolt is missing, exposing back end of the screw holes. This is an apartment complex. I walked around the building and no other door had the plate removed.

Should I be worried that this deadbolt is more vulnerable to being broken into?

Do you think this is a sign of failed forced entry? Vandalism?

Google is not helping me find any examples of this happening. It does not appear to be a common way to break in. I’ve wondered if it some how fell off? I have been washing down my door handles and deadbolt with soap and water due to the coronavirus (which is out of control where I live).

r/Locksmith - Is this a sign of forced entry? Is the deadbolt compromised?

Deadbolt missing cover

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Abloy Protec2 Double Deadbolt – Locking all thumbturns from outside the house : Locksmith

I asked about this here before, I asked r/homedefense, I asked SecuritySnobs and I asked Abloy support, and everyone is wrong.

My question was, can I go on vacation and lock all of the thumturns on my Abloy Protec2 deadbolts with lockable thumbturn?

The answer was always NO, as you need to unlock one of them to leave the house, so one lock with have an unlocked thumbturn

This is wrong. Just open the door, lock the thumbturn in the locked position, take your key out and put it in the outside of the door, unlock so you can close, then you can just lock it from the outside again

Now all your deadbolts have inoperable thumbturns, so if you go on vacation and someone busts a window, they still can’t use the door

I just wanted to post here, as it seems no one knew the correct answer

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Honda Lost Key Question for Other Locksmiths : Locksmith

I made a post about this vehicle (17 Honda Civic w/ prox) just the other day regarding me using the wrong tracer on my cutting machine, but I had another issue that I thought another locksmith could shed some light on.

I thought Honda key codes were always the last 4 in the series of characters. On this vehicle, the code was the first four. I realized this when I went back the following day to finish the key that I couldn’t cut due to using the wrong tracer on my mini. I burned a few emergency blanks before I realized it. The last four characters made a valid code for the vehicle. The code was only in one spot on the entire vehicle. Anyone else ever see this?

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