Pocket Door Lock with flush Keypad? : Locksmith

We are building a new house that has some pocket doors that we want to be able to unlock with a keycode rather than a key. The problem is all of the ones I’ve found require the door to not fully hide inside the pocket. For example, https://www.cavitysliders.com/Products/CaviLock/CL100-DigiLock requires the door protrudes 4″ from the wall when open.

Are there any digital pocket door locks that can be flush with a 1-3/4″ thick pocket door, allowing it to fully open? This door is in a hallway, and when open, we want the hallway to look like a normal hallway with no door frame on either side.

One thing that has been suggested as a possibility but I also haven’t been able an appropriate lock is for a keypad to be on the wall, and have the lock mechanism come out from the wall rather than from the door. Or similarly but with a magnetic locking system.

We don’t need the lock to be “high security”… Mostly just want to prevent the cats from being able to open it themselves, while keeping it easy for us to go in and out, while not letting people who don’t know better free the cats…

Anyone know of locks that may fill this need?

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Can I use a keyed door knob on the inside with a door handleset on the exterior? : Locksmith

Hi All,

I tried searching for this to see if it’s possible, but basically would I be able to use a keyed door knob on the interior with a door handleset on the exterior?

Would I be able to use this keyed door knob on the inside and this bottom door handleset on the outside?

I will have a deadbolt at the top, but wanted to check if this was also possible.


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Can I place a Kwikset cylinder in a Schlage keypad deadbolt if I don’t have the key? : Locksmith

I purchased a new home today with a Schlage electronic deadbolt on the front door (something like the Camelot Trim Keypad Deadbolt) and 6 other entry doorknobs with matching Kwikset KW10s. The seller claims that they do not have a copy of the Schlage key to the front door, but gave me one (yes one) for the other 6 Kwiksets.

I am planning to swap out the pins on the kwiksets and will do something with the front door, but am wondering what my options are on that deadbolt. Can I fit a Kwikset 6 pin cylinder in a Schlage deadbolt (I am assuming that I’d need a locksmith to do it because I don’t have the key)? Or, am I going to have to settle for replacing the whole lock with a Kwikset mechanism?

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Can I replace double key deadbolt with key/thumb turn while keeping same key? : Locksmith

Quick question. Does your door have a window in it?

If it does then I would recommend not getting a single sided dead bolt. A window would allow an intruder/thief to punch out the glass and reach in and unlock the dead bolt. If your other locks are Schlage this one can be rekeyed easily enough to match what you have.

If your door does not have a window in it this can be either swapped out for a new single sided dead bolt or, check with your local locksmith, they may have parts and pieces to turn what you have into a single sided dead bolt.

Our shop keep a lot of odd and ends either form swap out jobs or cannibalizing other locks for parts.

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Lesson Learned – XC Mini : Locksmith

Hey, this heads up to those of you that use the XC Mini, and likely other automatic cutting machines. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a well known thing, but the XC Mini and Mini Plus have to use a 1.0mm tracer. Never thought I could manage it, but I broke the tracer on my Mini the other day when I used a stack of small pieces of paper as a spacer for a TOY51 emergency blade; paper was popping out from underneath tip blade, tracer went to touch the key tip, paper blocked it, and machine kept pushing tracer into key until it broke. I threw in a spare tracer from my HS duplicator, and thought I was good until I did a HON66 lost key on a Civic. Fucked with the machine for an hour yesterday until I finally realized that the machine was only calibrated to use a 1.0mm tracer and I put a 1.5mm tracer on it. I guess I figured that the machine could account for the 0.5mm difference because no matter where it touched the key, it would be the same 0.5mm difference. Twas wrong, wasted a lot of time yesterday.. At least I got the prox programmed so the vehicle would run, just need to go back and cut the key.

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