Protection on call?

I had a question about how you go about protecting yourself on call. No not talking about rioters or anything. I mean in regards to ensuring your assisting the actual owner. Looking at starting out and taking calls for my local area. But with that, I had a question. How do I insure that the person I'm assisting is the actual owner if they are unable to prove ownership?

While I live in a small town and don't really have a lot of worries about opening stolen cars up. I do want tot make sure I'm taking all legal precautions that I should be. Thank you.

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Locknetics CM993 panic trim spindle : Locksmith

This is a long shot, but I figured why not – I am working with some old Locknetics hardware on a medical facility, and on a few of the doors that have panic trim versions, the override key cylinder rotates but does not retract the latch. I found at least one missing the spindle in its entirety, so I wanna know…

Does anyone have these lying around somewhere?

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Missing OBD port? Anyone ever seen this? : Locksmith

Hey fellow Smith’s.

Used Auto Dealership owner came in to get a remote head key for his ’12 Toyota Corolla. -Canada made model.

Upon extensive searching in and around the vehicle…there isn’t an OBD port, wires (cut or otherwise) or aftermarket diversion for said OBD. Only hint was a lower-dash slot that read “OBD” and a naked slot for, what should be, an OBD assembly.

Anyone else ever seen this? My boss has been a locksmith for 30+ years and has never seen one missing for such a newer model vehicle.

Thanks in advance. (We think it was a chop shopped stolen car personally. We know the owner of said dealership and it wouldn’t surprise us).

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