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Hey guys, so I just got my locksmith business up and going after about 4 months or so of practice, research and obtaining equipment and supplies, so far it’s been going, I’ve done around 15 vehicles since Monday. My only issue is I’m not to confident with pricing, something I’ve done in the past was calling another place and asking them a price so then I could compare, but sometimes I’m being asked on the spot, so I’m wanting to know what you guys use as a reference for pricing?

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Deadbolt advice : Locksmith

I’m looking to replace my front entry door deadbolt lock. I’m trying to decide between the Schlage B60N and the Schlage B560P. The B60N is marketed as a “Grade 1” and the B560 is a commercial Grade 2. I went to a local locksmith shop and they showed me a Medeco deadbolt which was about $230. I asked about the B560P and they only had the B360 series in stock. Would the B560 be a better and more secure deadbolt (bump and pick resistant) than the B60N lock? thanks!

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Car key stuck

Hi Everyone,

I had a new key made for my car. When I received it I noticed that all edges were very sharp compared to the old key, but I guess this is to be expected, the old key has been used for 17 years.

I inserted the key to the ignition, and it did not feel as smooth as the old one, but it worked. I could start the car. I could also remove the key.

But the second time I tried to use it, it got stuck in the ignition and I cannot remove it…

This is the type of key:

This is how it looks in my ignition:

What I tried:

– I tried to wiggle it in many different ways hoping that whatever is holding it will let go, I spent 20 minutes trying to get it out, but no luck.

– I got frustrated so I also tried to pull it quite hard, but it is really stuck there…

– I sprayed some WD40 inside, but it did not help.

I have a few questions:

  1. Is there anything else I can try myself to remove the key?
  2. If I call a locksmith, do you think he will be able to remove the key without damaging the lock so I can keep using the old keys?
    (In the end I don't really need this new key itself, I needed a new remote control, but got the whole thing. Remote control works, key got stuck. If I manage to get it out I can throw it away and never use it again.)

Thanks in advance!

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Just moved in… they say they can’t re-key this lock, and want us to find a replacement. Can anyone help Figure out what type this is? I see a Schlage and an F, but I need to find a model # or something similar to replace it with. Thank you so much for the help!!! : Locksmith

I would probably start by taking that side plate off it looks like it could be a mortise cylinder. If that’s the case there should be a set screw underneath that plate that would allow you to unscrew the cylinder for servicing.. EDIT: I just examine the pictures a little bit more closely could be a simple as a Kik cylinder under the outside plate.

But yeah I would get a second opinion. Form a different locksmith.. 100% rekeyable.

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