Overpaid locksmith?

Hi all! So I have sorta long story but will try to keep it simple. 2002 honda civic lost key. (transponder key) Lock smith came out and charged me 150.00. He said he couldn't program the key because there is a flashing green key immobilizer light that is supposed to turn on when in ignition and then he can do his thing. (I have looked and he is right the green key light that used to flash is not flashing and I'm not sure why) So I basically have a valet key that is never going to start car. Did I overpay? Should I ask for some of my money back? Or is it just not his problem? Not that it matters but he was at my house 20-25 minutes…

Thanks for any replies in advance. I'm frustrated because I have to tow car to honda..car is only worth like 900.00 and with covid quarantine blah blah it's been tough

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ASSA M90 vs Schlage B560? : Locksmith

I appreciate any input and your time. I’ve been selecting a new deadbolt and have narrowed it down to the ASSA M90 and the Schlage B560. I’m not planning on a fancy cylinder, a ASSA maximum+ restricted or a Schlage Everest. From looking at the catalogs these seem pretty equivalent, but I haven’t found much literature on the M90. How do they compare? Thank you!

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Help identifying part : Locksmith

I’m looking for any help identifying what this part is, a supplier that might carry it, or a comparable lock that I can replace it with. Strybuc is my normal multipoint supplier and they didn’t give me anything useful although they’re still looking intriguing it. It’s some sort of multipoint lock and the only name I see on it is Tung on the trim. I remember seeing a door similar to this with Hoppe hardware that was technically window hardware so I don’t know if this is something similar. Long story short, the building management/original contractor/etc don’t know what these are so they asked for a bid. Pretty much if I can identify these things I get the contract for a 90 unit building. Although at this point, I’m starting to wonder if it’ll be worth it…

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Best IC Core brand question.. to my knowledge all best brand IC cores are engraved/stamped with “BEST” on the face.. Am I wrong about this or is somebody trying to pass around off brand locks? : Locksmith

I think the good brand ones have their names on them, Best, Schlage, etc.. It’s the more generic brands that don’t have any markings, like General Lock, KSP, etc.. Could be wrong, hard to say, there probably are minute differences between them that a real lock sleuth could figure out. Some people want to pay the premium for the brands, others dont. Some people try to pass the unbranded stuff off as the “real deal” though I’m sure.

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