Lock problem

Hello, I have just came back to school after a weekend, I live in boarding, and in my own room I have my closet that I lick with my padlock, but stupidly I left my keys at home, and I have important stuff inside, the padlock has a little hole but I tried paperclips or staples but nothing. And it stresses me as I have other issues is there anything i can do to somehow open it? Am I picking the little hole wrong?

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What kind of lock set do I need to replace this? : Locksmith

This is at my father in law’s house. I don’t know much about locks but he says that this is an “old type of lock” and it’s hard to replace. So, he’s just ignored it for years. He has other locks on the inside of the door to secure it but I want to fix it for him as a Christmas present. I could replace just the lock or I could replace the entire lock and door handle.

Edit: the key lock doesn’t work and as you can see, the inside dead bolt isn’t even there.

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Classic Kiwkset rekey or possibly upgrade to SmartKey : Locksmith

Not a locksmith. I am closing on my first condo and they have older Baldwin locks. As best I can tell, they use the classic Kwikset 5 pin tumbler cylinder. Without changing any of the decorative hardware (HOA rules), I’d like to change the keys and upgrade the lock as best I can.

I know I can rekey the classic lock, but wanted to see if I could upgrade the security to the Kwikset SmartKey. Is that easy to do? Will a SmartKey cylinder fit into a cylinder? Will all generations of SmartKey cylinders it?

Yes, yes I know these are insecure and can be defeated. I figure the SmartKey upgrade is better than classic 5 pin

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Pins move too much?

Long story short I had to disassemble a lock to remove a broken key and wound up pulling the plug out. I've got all the pins in the correct hole but when I put the plug back in I can't get the key in. It seems like the key pins are moving too much and hitting the inside of the bible. Key works in another lock that's pinned the same. Any advice would be appreciated.

Edit: For everyone saying it's in backwards.

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Can I Replace Yale Smartlock Cylinder with any other KW1 cylinder? : Locksmith

Hello Experts,

Currently, I have 2 traditional kwikset locks with KW1 cylinder. Both of them have same keys.

I purchased two Yale Assure Smart Locks recently (yet to be delivered). These come with KW1 cylinders. As per instructions provided by Yale on their YouTube channel, we can replace the cylinders on these smart locks.

My question is, can I just swap the cylinders on these smart locks with the cylinders from my existing locks? This will solve two things – 1) I can use my existing keys 2) I can also use on key for both doors.

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