Everyone is partying right now and I sit here alone watching robots dance and waiting for calls… How is your new year? : Locksmith

Had three jobs today and the Lady who tipped me 50 bucks for fixing her locks is seriously the kindest customer of the month. These kinds of customers don’t come along often so I told her I wish that every customer was like her and how wonderful it was to have made her aquaintance. Now I’m just sitting in the van thinking of packing it up for the day ,town seems dead. Hope everyone here has a safe new years and if your out and about tonight please be smart and be safe.

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Inherited (empty) glass curio cabinet, key hidden by relatives, bought skeleton keys on Amazon, found one that “fit” (unsure of forced) and was able to turn, but now cannot get it to turn and come out. : Locksmith

Oh, I know. It’s not my piece. Keys from Amazon were already here when I arrived. And because of the construction of this one, recovering from a back injury, and knowing how we would have to transport it, it just makes me nervous it will break in my hands.

Was pretty upset she had jammed a key in a lock I had already suggested was probably broken.

I’ll have her make an appointment to a locksmith. Thanks.

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Those of you who have fresh installed the Adams Rite 8600 internal rods before, a couple of questions please. : Locksmith

They’re going in glass / alum doors. I was wondering if it’s easy / possible to install these without removing the door. It seems easy enough in the instructions but it’s good to hear from people who’ve done it.

I’m considering the surface vertical rods just for simplicity, so if anyone has installed those and has feedback it would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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Looking to identify these locks and where to buy. : Locksmith

I have two pictures of two locks I have, the first is a dovetail mortise type lock, the other is a bigger Victorian mortise lock that nails into the dresser drawer. i have two of the Victorian locks and I believe 3 of the dovetail locks that are missing the center piece, a locksmith had told me with that knob missing the drawer would lock but not unlock so he would not give me the key for the working locks, and told me replacing them would damage the drawer when i very easily removed them from both pieces with zero damage. any advice is appreciated.

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What do you do with OEM keys and pins? : Locksmith

I’ve just started dabbling in locksmithing- mostly repinning and replacing locks for friends and family members. But I was just wondering what professional locksmiths do with the keys and pins that come with locks you install/repin. I’ve started a scrap brass bucket that I dump the key pins in along with the chips from cutting keys. Is there any point in keeping the original key with the brand logo on it or trying to reuse the pins later down the road? Obviously I reuse the key pins in the same lock if the cut depth is the same on the existing key (unless they’re the double-sided ones that come in kwiksets).

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