About to start an apprenticeship. Any tips? : Locksmith

Coming from the service industry, I’m probably a bit old to start an apprenticeship, but a guy called me up from my application and I’m going to take it. I’ve been wanting to learn some kind of trade skill for years and this seems to be my chance. I did a ride along and watched him do some calls for a few hours and it looks like something I’d enjoy quite a bit.

I’ve done picking as a hobby, but never really went further than that. I have basic knowledge of different locks and such from watching videos over the years, but now I’ll have to get hands on experience.

The guy is a solo locksmith that’s getting too busy for one person to handle so he’s going to take me on. Highest rated locksmith in my area so I guess that’s good. I’m going to be put on as a 1099 which from what I’ve read is unusual for this field, but with how many calls this guy was getting while I was just in the car I think I’ll come out higher doing this than an hourly wage. No non-compete, in fact he said once I’m trained, I can go off and do my own thing if I want he doesn’t care. But under him he’ll be providing dispatch and supplies so that’s good I guess?

I’ve already started looking at some practice cores for different types of locks, but other than that do you experience professionals have any other advice for me?

Thank you

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