Am I making a mistake by opening a shop! : Locksmith

Not going to write a novel and go into details so let’s just do a quick summary. I’m 26 years old and have been locksmithing since 18. (Residential/commercial) only.. I know a decent amount but have ALOT yet to learn. Im good with the internet and advertising and have been running a mobile business since 22. I have two very experienced sub contractors i give my work to ..2.5 years ago I started a job in law enforcement. I’m pretty miserable working by current job and actually miss locksmithing a lot. Kinda weird to Say I know … but there’s something about doing hands on work I find really satisfying … that and the freedom of being self employed. My customer base is in an extremely wealthy area where money is not a concern for most people so we do very well even though we only average 1-3 service calls a day. 1 being slow months and 3 being in the busy months. I just signed a lease at a great price to open a small storefront that I feel will add a very important feeling of legitimacy to the business.. especially in the current day of the crazy locksmith spam that goes on.

My plan is to slowly invest and set up shop over the next few months and leave my current full time job and then run the shop.

Am I making a mistake by getting into this “dying” industry full time?! When I say dying I don’t personally think it’s dying just repeating what is often said.

Thanks in advance for any replies and advice

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