Any recommendations for keypads for residential gates? : Locksmith

An increasingly common residential call I’ve been getting is people looking to add a keypad to a front gate. I’m talking about just a keypad lever, not a full access control system as those are usually well out of budget for a single family home or maybe 2/3 unit building. I am also a welder so I end up taking several of these calls, often times replacing the weldable box, maybe adding some mesh so people can’t reach through, and making a nice job out of it. However, I haven’t found any particular lock that I think is great. I’ve used the Lockey 2835 a few times as it seems decent and at a price point that doesn’t make people scoff. I’ve used some nice Kaba stuff before, but not everyone is going to drop $1000 on just the lock. So does anyone have any suggestions for keypads? Preferably mechanical unless it’s something very weather resistant that will last through some harsh winters. I’m looking for both single sided and double sided combination locks but they don’t have to be the same model.

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