Source for schlage compression cylinders in kw1 kwy?

Customer came in with a plug for an F series compressible cylinder in kw1 keyway (sorry no pictures) looking for more of them, and a quick search of allegion catalogue and my distributors show nothing like it. Does anyone know where i can get a compressible cylinder in kw1 keyway? Or maybe its an off brand knock off that i wont be able to get a cylinder for?

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Random question – Do most locksmiths do door work too like route out hinges, latches/deadbolts and their plates? : Locksmith

I want to replace the hardware in my house. Been through a few handyman that butchered my exterior doors and having trouble on some interiors door issues too.

Is it rare for a locksmith to be proficient in doorframe repair, having templates to route properly, having router and spades?

I’ve had a few handymen that haven’t worked out. I have all the hardware, but probably need to different latch plates for interior doors.

So do locksmiths only really work on the key part of the lock, or do they do more?

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Tool bag recommendations. : Locksmith

I have this bag:

Recently add this clipped onto one of the handles: still easy to carry up stairs by the handles

Need to sew a strap onto the back to clip it on instead of the handle and could probably use another just to keep things more organized and easier to access but those two handle all the tools I use for most installs. When doing access control I have a few boxes for wire, box connectors, wire connectors, etc. able to fit all of those and my bag on a three level rolling tray so it works out for me.

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Software Developer and a Locksmith : Locksmith

Hi, I’m a software developer from Colombia, my friend and I decided to start a mobile Locksmith service. We have some visits but we are far from the first places in the Search Engine Result Pages. I know we have to work a lot to get in the first results but I would like to know: Is the online Locksmith hard in your city? Have you been struggling with this before? How much did you pay to get some SEO boots? What did you do to improve to revenue?

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