How to find the same key but shorter? : Locksmith

I would like to find the equivalent blank to a X159 but shorter. I know this profile works to duplicate one of my key but I don’t need it to be that long. If the head is smaller and with a round hole that would be even better. What ressource should I consult to find such a key?

Also, my local locksmith is not the most helpful, I had to convince him to use the X159 because I was sure it would work.

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Recommendations/advice on what I can do now before seeking out an apprenticeship : Locksmith

I’m not sure how often this gets asked here, just looking for some fresh opinions on the matter. I’m looking to cultivate a worthwhile skill, not necessarily concerned about making the most money but rather something I could see myself doing for many years and not hate myself, hence why I am here. I know next to nothing about this trade, and judging from where I live in central pa, it looks like I’ll have to probably move next year potentially somewhere that has more opportunity for say, an apprenticeship. In the meantime before I’m able to relocate, what sort of information or people/videos should I be looking at, as well as any sort of starter kits or tools to practice with? Much appreciated.

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Problem removing a Kwikset deadbolt with no screws

I am trying to replace a Kwikset deadbolt with no visible screws and haven't had any luck.

This link shows the exact lock:

I removed the set screw, as the link said to, but the locking knob still won't detach.

Does anyone have any experience with any of this? Is it possible that the set screw broke off inside? or are there more screws that i need to remove first that i'm missing?


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Sargent 6300 core compatibility issues : Locksmith

Today, at my place of work, I went to install a Sargent 6300 core into a storeroom Sargent 10-line lock installed new in 2002. The old core was installed in 2002 as well, and the lock has not had a heavy amount of use. The new core (without the frame around the SARGENT mark on the front top lobe), would go in, the control key would turn back, but I could not remove it. The lever has slight play, so I tried to move it up and down while trying to remove the key with no success. I ended up reinstalling the old core for now, but I am wondering if sometime between 2002 and now, if the Sargent cores have changed enough to make them not installable in those older locks.

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EEprom : Locksmith

How common is EEprom as a feature in programmers? I have a smartbox and i had a Lexus with only valet key, and my system warns me that the only way to remedy this situation is with eeprom programming which my smartbox doesnt support. Im trying to find someone around to refer these customers to, but i have no idea how to ask if they can do it besides saying “EEprom”

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Why would they make a padlock that opens with a common handcuff key and then NOT disguise the keyhole so it does not look like a handcuff key fits it? : Locksmith

Yes, they make a padlock that opens with a common handcuff key (the handcuff key can be bought for less than a dollar).

Just seems kind of stupid. They could make it with a different shaped keyhole that looks like a regular wide keyway, but also fits a handcuff key. WHY NOT DO THAT?

You wouldnt want someone examining the padlock’s keyhole and easily deducing that a common handcuff key would open it, right?

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