Automotive vs. Access Control : Locksmith

You would think that with all the programming and board soldering needed for automotive, that they would just go to access control. This is not to say a locksmith that does automotive cannot also be badass at all the things I was clowning on automotive locksmiths about, they can in fact be very skilled. However, there seems to be a trend where young wannabe cowboy locksmiths who frankly are shitty at even the basics of locksmithing, greedily want to make a quick buck and somehow think that jumping into automotive locksmithing is the answer. There is an alarming amount of people trying to somehow get into the auto game that fall into this.

I have yet to see locksmiths fucking up REAL access control jobs, you see the shit occasionally where a locksmith fucks up a dispensary or gets in over their head with an account that has already existing access control beyond a DL2700 but in my experience it is much more likely for a low voltage guy to completely fuck up doors installing maglocks. There are cases where a shitty locksmith who sucks at even the basics will fucking put in the shittiest electric strike ever. This contrasts heavily with non-skilled auto cowboys trying to work on car computers and fucking up the car as opposed to a locksmith that takes on a full blown access control job from top to bottom. It could be because the cost of the programmer is less and maybe they feel more comfortable with keys but access control also uses key fobs as well.

Realistically if you think about it, being an automotive locksmith is working on access control for cars. I just don’t understand why someone would want to pay shitloads of money for programming equipment, year after year when they can just make shitloads of money selling large amounts of extremely expensive parts and expensive specialized labor.

Automotive guys also need to know electrical but they have to know how cars work where as a good access control guy needs to know pretty much everything about doors, door hardware, and electrical. To me it just seems strange that there are not more car stereo, auto locksmith, alarm, whatever else overlapping. It is as if there are different branches to locksmithing and somehow you end up being a car mechanic on one side where as if you do access control, you end up being a skilled door mechanic.

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