Can I “un-interconnect” my front door lock? : Locksmith

Can I “un-interconnect” my front door lock? : Locksmith


My dog has gotten clever lately and has managed to open our locked front door from the inside. The lock is set up so that to lock it we turn a deadbolt, but to unlock it, you only need to turn the handle. There’s only one key (for the deadbolt, nothing for the handle).

What would you recommend to stop him from being able to escape when we leave? I’m not worried about him turning the deadbolt — I think if we could just have the lower handle and upper deadbolt not connected, it would solve the problem. Is that doable with the existing lock?

The inside of the lock looks like this, if it helps: . I think it’s close to a Schlage S210 but not exactly that due to having just the one key. I think if I could just remove the black plastic part in the lock (the one that’s got all the writing, “For Left Hand,” etc. it would do what I want) — but maybe that’s a terrible idea?

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