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I've been researching this all morning and figure I should take it to the experts. I have a Garage door spring-loaded deadbolt like this and I want to key it alike to my other exterior doors, which is kwikset. I have seen a replacement cylinder that I will fall back on only as a last resort for 2 reasons. 1) I'd prefer it to be a silver rather than polished brass, but I can suck it up. 2) I've also seen that these are not easily re-keyed, so I'd be re-keying all my 5 deadbolts and 6 levers.

I'm looking for an alternate solution and was wondering if you guys had seen anything that would help out. I do have a spare kwikset deadbolt, but the tail is the hollow D, rather than a the flat tail required. If I could find a replacement tail which was flat and designed to be rigid relative to the cylinder, rather than the 180 degrees of rotational play that is typical to kwikset, I could probably make it work.

Any help would be appreciated.

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