Did someone try to break in to my house? : Locksmith

I don’t know much about lockpicking but I have picked locks before, successfully might I add. This was years ago however but on one of the doors I unlocked, a regular pin and tumbler lock, there was the 1st cylinder, the cylinder that you literally look at, and what must have been a 2nd cylinder that actually unlocks the door when turned.

When I picked the lock, I could engage the first cylinder, if I remember correctly, from applying both the tension wrench and the pick correctly and rather easily. This didn’t unlock the door and the cylinder couldn’t be turned backwards when it was turned in a direction. It had to be turned all the way back to the starting position in the same direction. So the door would unlock when both cylinders were engaged simultaneously in the same correct direction bc the 2nd cylinder unlocks the door and the 1st cylinder allows entry to theunlo cylinder.

Now with my house door, it seems to have the same mechanism with a hand-turned lock on the inside. I have never tried to pick it but I think the hand-lock works independently of the 1st cylinder.

So the other day, I unlocked the door (by hand) to go out, and I noticed the 1st cylinder was out of place. I’ve tried inserting the key only partly to see if the 1st cylinder would budge, but it doesn’t. Doesn’t that mean the 1st cylinder needs to be engaged to move?

I would have completely dismissed it as anomalous if it weren’t for me noticing the exact same thing the next day when going out again.

So is someone trying to break in or am I missing something? Bc from my understanding, a key cannot engage the 1st cylinder without also engaging the 2nd meaning that the key can only be removed when both cylinders are in the starting position, and the hand-lock doesn’t engage the 1st cylinder at all. However, a pick and tension wrench can engage the 1st cylinder without engaging the 2nd… I think.

So how did it happen?

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