Exterior steel door, door knob won’t move, stuck latch : Locksmith

Ooops. I wrote up a whole thing and lost it when I posted. Awesome!

Let’s see. Steel basement door stuck, last time I closed it was hard to close. Basement door goes to concrete stairwell, and maintenance was recently done and bits of concrete are inbetween the door and a couple inches of concrete that go a couple inches up the door.

Door knob wouldn’t move, looking at latch, it looks like it’s at a bad angle, which is why I suspect the concrete issue. Before I tried clearing concrete, I removed the door knob (stupid idea…). I tried to mess with the inside parts, but no luck.

How can I get this unstuck so I can open the door and either put back in the door knob or buy another one.

edit: one of the pictures has the door bolt in lock position. I know. That’s not why the door won’t open, just in case any one wants to be a comedian 🙂

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