Funny story today (not a smith) : Locksmith

Get a text from my brother that his girlfriend’s roommate locked himself out of an interior bedroom. (this is within walking distance). I ask for pictures. I just wanna know what I’m dealing with and if it’s beyond my abilities. Ask for a picture of any other interior door fixtures. Turns out it’s an easy loid, opens internally and an easy raked kw1. Before I can walk over they try to drill it with a cheap big box drill and included bit. It’s some sort of steel alloy so they don’t get far. Can’t pick it or bump it anymore. My brother and I loid it for them and drill out the rest of the cylinder with real bits and remove the handle so they can take it to a fucking locksmith shop. I had extra cylinders and coulda done it but they hadn’t even offered me a glass of water yet.

They shoulda called a smith or at least waited.

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