Help with a broken handle on a GSA filing cabinet : Locksmith

Help with a broken handle on a GSA filing cabinet : Locksmith

I’ve got a GSA compliant fireproof filing cabinet (1970’s style) where the handle just sheared off in the latched position. I have the combo and have been operating this lock for years – it’s always taken a bit of light wiggling to get the handle to crank from 6pm to 3pm (to unlock), but nothing crazy. While this might seem like a mechanical problem, I think it starts with some locksmithing so I figured I’d ask here:

  1. Does anyone have OEM instructions for how a Sargent & Greenleaf 6720 series is supposed to work? I want to understand how much play there is, where the clicks should be, etc, so I can listen as I enter the combo to see if anything is wrong (I have no others, so this is my only reference point).

  2. Does anyone have pictures of the mechanics for the handle from the inside? I think I need to drill and tap the handle with a reverse thread to get a good counterclockwise twist, but that going to be real tough. I’m hoping maybe I can somehow manipulate some of the lock better from the broken hole (remember I can enter the combo… which *should help* no?). Also I’ve already tried and failed, so I’m hoping pictures of the inside mechanics would jog my brain for more ideas.

  3. Perhaps I can get pointed in the right direction for replacement parts? I can’t think of a better community, sorry.

I’d prefer to handle this nondestructively – I’ll machine or buy a new handle/lock in the future and keep the general file cabinet (which is full of stuff I actually want!!).

Album showing the inside (but not the angles I need) and the broken handle:

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