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Hello everyone,

I am looking for recommendations for a high security lock for use on a storage unit. Long story short, something near my current apartment residence has gone seriously awry (averaging a gun fight within 500 feet of my dwelling every two or three days for the last two week) and my wife and I are cancelling our lease, putting everything into storage, and bailing on our current location before we catch a stray bullet. We will be putting contents worth over six figures into this storage unit until we decide whether we want to rent/purchase a home, and thus, want a damn good lock to secure it.

My current contenders:

Are there any locks not noted which I should consider? What do you think would be the best lock for my intended purposes?

Thanks for your time.

P.S. – I did some searching through past posts and also see rule #2, and while it didn’t seem like this sort of question is forbidden, please feel free to banish this post to the shadow realm if I have crossed any lines.

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