How many times have you had a customer that thought you owned a “Master Key” that opened every lock? : Locksmith

I went to do an open up at an office building downtown. It was a wesier smart key entry knob, the guy had locked his keys in his office. I could see the latch pretty clearly, so I decided to slide the latch. Just as I was about to start, the customer said “what are you doing? Why don’t you use your master key” It’s always hard not to laugh in that situation. So I told him we don’t have master keys for every single door in the city. He said that if he knew I was going to slide the latch, he would’ve just done it himself, so I started to pack up my tools and I said “okay, I guess you don’t need me then” and I left. About an hour later he called back, still locked out, I returned to find some pretty serious scratches and damage to the wood frame. I pulled out my tools and had it open in 30 seconds.

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