How secure are these hasps? : Locksmith

How secure are these hasps? : Locksmith

I’m securing a shipping container. I planned to buy an Abloy Protect2 puck padlock and install an Abloy Puck Shutout padlock hasp

r/Locksmith - How secure are these hasps?

But the more I think about it, this setup is only as secure as two of the carriage bolts holding the hasp in place. Anybody with an angle grinder could take the head off those bolts in seconds. All the different brands of puck padlock + hasp seem to suffer from the same problem. So what am I missing? Why are these so popular? Am i silly to buy a beefy (and expensive) Abloy lock to put on this hasp? I feel like there should be at least one carriage bolt *behind* the padlock that you can’t get to w/ the lock in place.

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