I started locksmithing in 1997. I retired in 2017. I still hate Friday’s and get the Thursday evening dread. : Locksmith

I saw a lot of weird shit during my career, but I can’t seem to shake off the knowledge that lots of bad shit happens to people on Friday. I dread it even more now that I work in IT. About five years in unless I was on call Thursday evening was clean and stock the van time.

Watching good people get escorted off jobs like criminals because they missed to many days, or broke some other meaningless bullshit corporate rule. And me standing there locking them out. Watching people scream at each other because someone broke up with them or served the divorce papers. And it always seems to stretch into Saturday morning when people who started out to have a good time end up stranded without keys to anything.

I know it’s good money but unless you’re a complete shit watching humanity break down every Friday will take a toll on you.

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