Is it possible to re-adjust worn out key cylinder? : Locksmith

I bought a 2003 Honda CR-V recently and I found out that the driver’s side does not open via key, I stick the key in and try and turn it either way and it won’t turn. I already tried to spray some WD40 and work it in the lock but to no avail. So is it valid to take the key cylinder out and try to re-key it? I’ve seen some videos online that you can just take the pins out and guess and check with each pin in each pinhole until all of the pins are flush and able to turn in the key cylinder. Is this valid with a key cylinder that is worn out or will I need to buy a new one?

Thanks in advanced!

Edit: passenger side lock is working fine unlocks and locks without a problem.

Edit: Ignition is working fine and doesn’t need fixed at least for now.

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