Is locksmithing worth it? : Locksmith

Hey guys and gals. My cousin is tired of desk jobs and dealing with office politics and doesn’t want to go back to college for a different degree so he can change careers. He makes six figures, is living the singles life, and just up and decided this week that he wants to be a locksmith now. From what I’ve read, his patience and affinity for fixing things make him a great fit for the role, but I think the cons will outweigh the pros. From what I’ve read, he has to start at the bottom and apprentice/train/pay thousands of hours/dollars for certifications. He’ll also be on call 24/7 or driving to jobs, which prevents him from dating, bar hopping, and long vacations. And the most he’ll make is like $1000 a week with no employer sponsored health insurance or retirement plan… Does that sound about right? Not trying to discourage him, just want to bring more facts into the discussion before his quits his job.

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