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Hello Folks,

Just started getting into locksmithing. I’m enrolled and studying at a locksmith school (California Institute of Locksmithing). I’m really enjoying the classes, but I’m also feeling a little conflicted as to how to best utilize the skills I’m learning. First, my reason for taking this course of study:

I work in IT as a network security engineer. I make more as an employee in this field than I would as a locksmith, but not as much as some entrepreneurial locksmith business owners. I also consult in the same field to medium to large businesses.

I had the following thought: why not sell security as a whole (both the physical aspect and the cybersecurity aspect)? I’ve seen work vans driving around advertising similar services (locks and a alarms, or locks and security cameras), so I don’t think the idea is too outlandish.

I’ve rewritten this question too many times now, so I’ll just put it out there bluntly: what are some ways to synergize cybersecurity services and locksmithing? Can one provide one service and the other separately? Would upselling one on top of the other make sense?

Or was this a dumb idea altogether? If so, not a problem. I enjoy learning for the sake of it and if I don’t make any money off of this at least now I know hot to pick, shim, impression, etc. and these are fun skills to have.


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