Jimmy Proof Deadbolt replacement/installation : Locksmith

Jimmy Proof Deadbolt replacement/installation : Locksmith

Hi everyone,

I just moved into a new apartment and in addition to the regular door lock there is part of what I think is called a jimmy-proof deabolt.

I’d like to buy a replacement or just the missing parts if possible and was hoping someone could provide me with a recommendation.

This is the exterior of the door and this is the interior.

My budget is up to $200 although I have no idea what something like this should cost. I live on the top floor of an apartment building however the door from our roof (which is quite easy to get on to from an adjacent building) is opposite my apartment and always unlocked, so security is of some concern.


Edit: one more thing, I am absolutely opposed to any kind of smart or internet-connected lock 🙂

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