Kwikset cost cutting choices : Locksmith

Kwikset cost cutting choices : Locksmith

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Kwikset? More like Shitset!

Rekeyed two Kwikset knobs that a customer brought in yesterday. Not sure which store he got them from, but they were in plastic clamshell. First thing I noticed was the plastic spindle. Which pencil pusher decided that making one of the most essential parts of the lock plastic was a good idea? I mean, it’s job security for us, right? Its just fucking annoying.

I’m sure the shitty metal they used before was cheap enough. I don’t think the ones we get in the box will be like this, hopefully, but you can really tell they are doing all they can to save a buck. Just look at the corrugated cores… I’ve come across some older Kwikset knobs that had such tight tolerances, you could barely get a shim in there.

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