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thanks for looking,

I had 2 gates made by my friend who is a welder. I had 2 AL10S Schlage passage lock for the gate and told the welder. The boxes he bought and welded on, and had powder-coated are too small for the 3-7/16 rose on the locks I have. And pretty much all of the locks with a commercial 3 hole drill pattern wont work so I need 2 new locks.

I need a passage lock that matches the Schlage SAT style levers.

With a rose that is maximum of 3-1/16

And is available in Black or Oil Rubbed Bronze

The box is 1-1/2 thick.

The backset is 2-3/4 (there is onle 1 hole thankfully)

The locks will be outdoors

I looked at Schlage S10D, but I don”t know if those are crap or not.

These gates are for my parents house and I want the locks to last as long as possible..

thanks for any and all help

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