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Hello everyone:

I am interested in purchasing some type of scope so I can look inside locks. Currently, I am reading ” Locks, Safes, and Security+” by Marc Tobias. He recommends getting a borescope, an opthalmoscope, and/or an otoscope.

From my understanding, instead of a borescope I could go with an endoscope, the opthalmoscope is used by doctors to look in eyes and the otoscope is used to look in ears. Which of these scopes are most useful for a locksmith?

I could see myself using one everyday, maybe… Yesterday, a customer brought in a motorcycle. I picked on of the side locks and was able to pull the core out to make a partial key. I used an app on my phone that is claims to be a microscope to look inside the lock to ID the retaining wafer, but basically it just turns on the camera light and let’s you zoom/focus. I got to thinking about an actual tool for this instead. Any time that I have tried the phone app, there is so much glare on the face of the lock, it makes it a real pain!

I’m not opposed to getting all of these scopes, eventually. I’m not even opposed to spending a couple hundred or more on these tools, but some basic entry-level scopes would probably be best for me to start out with. Actually, I’m kind of surprised that we don’t have anything like this already and I’m not sure that I could convince the boss to spend so much on something to look inside locks, especially since they have got along without any this far (except for the safe scope). As a bonus, if I bought my own, I could use them at home for examining well pretty much anything. USB functionality would be cool on one or more of these scopes, but isn’t strictly necessary.

So, what is the consensus? Is it worth it to buy one or more of these scopes? If so, which do you recommend?

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