Locksmith came to our house for replacements, did I just set myself up for potentially robbery? : Locksmith

I’d like to think the better of people, but I lost my keys yesterday that included two modern car key remotes (not FOBs) and house keys. We called around to get good prices and went with a locksmith that was the same ethnic group of us and sounded like a nice person.

They got here and they were really nice and it wasn’t until half way through where I realized what a dumb dumb mistake I just made. I pretty much gave someone the keys to our cars and house and I have no idea if they could have made separate copies for themselves when they know exactly where we live!

My wife was out there for the most part (i was inside working) and she said they put some sort of machine into the ignition for the cutout and everything was done in their van but she couldn’t really see inside to see what they were doing.

Could he have saved all of our car key information and made their own key for themselves later? I watched them carefully with our house key at the least so I don’t think they made a duplicate of that.. but is there some sort of machine or info they could’ve saved from copying our Toyotas to make a duplicate key?

Even though they seem like nice older gentlemen, they know where we live and now I feel so damn uneasy realizing how much I fucked up. They do have about 80 reviews on yelp all 5 stars so I’m hoping not to worry so much but I can’t help but think the worst.

Thanks for any responses.

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