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If OP really wanted to do it right and have the ability to real time change scheduling and permissions/users, they would put in a L9090 mortise case with new trims, a cylinder, or a hardwired L series with deadbolt, install a keypad card reader with bluetooth capabilities and an S2 system or cloud based Brivo/PDK. That is the best legitimate solution. At this point, over half the jobs I do involve this type of shit. The reality is, the LE and even AD series and by proxy, all the lesser locks are gimmicks for lazy locksmiths and low skilled low voltage assholes. When I say this, I am only referring to commercial work. Obviously residential is different but this is the gold standard in any access control install.

I don’t trust any other product besides say Command Access because even the products from Allegion and Command Access have issues. This is a weird niche section of our trade and the reality is there are no good residential options because the only good options cost a shitload more than people like OP think.

The other offhand comment I want to make is if OP goes out and tries to buy this themselves and do it themselves there is a high chance they will fuck themselves. They don’t know the product codes and neither do the online stores. They will more than likely think they can get a deal and end up with a box filled with junk that will be missing parts due to it being secondhand. They then will be unable to warranty it and will be out a shitload of money. This happens all the fucking time because the online stores are not really professional distributors, they only buy the shit up for cheap from shithead contractors that order too much and already have parts taken out because said contractor fucked up. They then get bought by the online store for say half the price the contractor bought them for and they redistribute crap for a box of crap for say 80-90% what a new one would cost. Even real professional distributors get fucked like this. I had to drop herculite doors to replace the closers and CRL gave me a closer that was completely used and fucked up. You couldn’t adjust any of the valves. So then I had to put the door back and come back again, drop the door and install a close that works.

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