Mul-T-Lok vs Everest 29/Primus : Locksmith

Hi all, non-locksmith here but I have a question for the group.

I’m purchasing a new house, and I want to rekey all the exterior locks with a high-security keyway that’s as resistant as possible to picking, bumping and drilling. Exterior locks are a combination of Emtek and Schlage and all keyways are 5-pin C keyways. There are 5 single cylinder locks and one double cylinder lock.

I was originally thinking Mul-T-Lock but after perusing the price catalog to buy all the cylinders plus figuring in markups, tax and labor, it’s going to be much more than I was budgeting for this.

So then I was considering the Everest 29 or Everest Primus. I love the idea of key blank control, but am hesitant to have a system where additional keys only come from the manufacturer (if I understand correctly).

So what’s the best choice for home security without breaking the bank? I definitely want something better than the average 5-pin Schlage C keyway. TIA.

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