New car key made, will an old copy work? : Locksmith

I had 2 keys

One was a key with a fob with plastic that melted and eventually cracked open. It became a hollow key and wouldn’t turn in the ignition of my car.

I had a second spare with no fob. When I was out of town I lost this key and paid a locksmith to make a new key. This one also had no fob.

When the locksmith made the new key he had to reprogram something in the car, I don’t know exactly what.

Fast forward, I lost this key the locksmith made. I still have the shelled out fob key at home. I’m on my way to go get it now and hopefully get into and start my car.

Will this key trip my car alarm? Will the original RF still register if I had a new one made?

2009 Honda Civic

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