Opening Cylinder for Schlage Encode Smart Lock : Locksmith

Opening Cylinder for Schlage Encode Smart Lock : Locksmith

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone here can help me out, I’m trying to re-key a Schlage Encode smart lock and am encountering an unusual cylinder that I can’t find any information about how to open. I’m no locksmith so apologies for incorrect terminology – but I’m pretty familiar with the rekeying process, I’ve done many locks around my home and offices in the past.

I’ve gone through all the re-keying info from Schlage I can find, but this one seems to use a mechanism that’s not covered under any other product I’ve found.

For reference, it’s this lock here:

Post image

Schlage Encode Smart Lock

Most commonly Schlage locks have a “C clip” retaining clip you need to remove before using the follow bar to push the cylinder out – but this one has a metal cap with a 14 point star pattern. Two of the “notches” in the star are marked on the cap with indicator lines, and there’s a small brass spring loaded metal pin in one of the notches. Pressing the pin down allows the “cap” to rotate – but I didn’t want to just rotate it willy-nilly to see what happens, as I’d rather not mess up an expensive smart lock.

Post image

Back of Cylinder

Post image

Front of Cylinder

I’m assuming if I absolutely had to I could remove the retaining clip from the top and re-pin the tumbler pins, top pins, and springs from the top – but I’m sure that’s not the proper way to do this.

Can anyone give me any advice about what exactly I’m looking at here, and how I might want to proceed?

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