Opinions on locksmith courses? : Locksmith

I’m really interested in becoming a locksmith. It would be a midlife career change for me, so I’m keen on learning as much as I can as quickly as I can and start working as soon as possible. Unfortunately, apprenticing does not look like an option where I currently live.

I’ve been learning a lot of things about the skills, tools, and practices via the internet, but it’s all been ver piecemeal.

While looking at rekeying tools, I came across the online and correspondence courses from Foley. The “Ultimate” course looks really attractive to me and (although I cannot afford it, currently) looks like a great deal.

(Reddit won’t let me post the link. If you search for ‘Foley Belsaw locksmith ultimate professional course’ on Google, it should be the first non-ad result)

I’m wondering what established professionals think about these things.

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