Possible Scam? Dude wants to order about $2,500 in hardware. : Locksmith

Possible scam? Had an unusual call today. A person is requesting specific, expensive hardware, 3 of each of 5 different Schlage electronic hardware. Doesn’t add up, asked for an address which is in a nearby town and Google maps show it’s a church. When I asked about installation, he said his son would help him. I told him he should order from the internet and not through us unless we install it. He then said we would install it. He then asked if we take credit card and said he would pay for order with the credit card. I’m thinking scam, my spidey sense is is twitching. BTW, the email address is for a person from Ghana, the phone exchange is from Oregon (we are in GA). I’m not biting, anyone have any experience with something like this?

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