Probably stupidly simple advice request here : Locksmith

Hello r/Locksmith,

I have a fairly large tool chest at my community garden that has an Abus lock with a brass body on it. Mysteriously, within the past two weeks, both keys for it have gone missing. I can’t find them anywhere. It’s autumn and I need my tools to prepare the garden for winter. So my question is this: Will I be able to use bolt cutters to cut the lock off or will this require some greater heroics? It’s just a fairly simple but very sturdy lock like this one:

Many thanks for any and all advice you can give, including how to go about this. I haven’t had occasion to cut many locks in my life (none, in fact) so any advice on how to finesse this with the least brute force, as I’m a middle-aged woman here; will be greatly appreciated.

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