/r/Locksmith FAQ – PLEASE READ : Locksmith

/r/Locksmith FAQ – PLEASE READ : Locksmith

I feel it’s important to make an FAQ for this sub. It’s a weekly occurrence for someone to post about topics that are often covered only a few posts down.

We welcome ALL questions, as long as they’re not in violation of any sidebar rules. Our only request is that you read through a few posts that may have already covered your question. I’ve compiled a few of the most popular questions below, and would like to hear everyones opinions on additional topics I should include in this post.

Two most common FAQ’s:

  1. How can I become a Locksmith?

    Answer: The most common route is to apply through your local Locksmith and employ as an apprentice. Some States in the U.S actually require you to apprentice for X amount of time before they can grant you your own Locksmith License (If your State requires one). There aren’t many trade schools that offer a Locksmith course, and that could be because there’s really no straight forward way to teach the sheer amount of subjective matter this industry is involved in.

    Use our sidebar link for finding a Locksmith to see what shops are in your area, and call around to see if they can offer you a position to get you started. This industry requires a lot of experience with various products in the field to really feel comfortable tackling jobs on your own, so apprenticing and getting hands on training is the most common method of breaking into this field of work. The beginning may be tough, and over whelming, but most feel that the payoff is worth it. You can really excel in this field, especially if you choose a specific division of the industry that you can dominate by focusing on that solely (Automotive Locksmithing, Safe Tech., Access Control, etc.).

    [Here](http://asecured.life/how-to-become-a-locksmith/) is a very good article that goes more in depth. Credit: /u/TylerJThomas
  2. My lock is broken, what do I do now?

    Answer: Feel free to post topics like this, but, please respect the fact that we can’t really help too often without having the lock in our hands. It’s VERY similar to posting a picture of your cars engine to a car repair subreddit and asking how to fix the ticking sound. Sometimes it’s just not something that can be fixed without actually being there.

    We encourage everyone to try to help, but most of the time the best solution is to contact a Pro & let them resolve the issue in person. Use the sidebar links to find someone reputable and licensed if your State requires it.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If the door is locked shut, and you can’t get in, we WILL NOT explain how to bypass the lock to gain entry to your house. There is no way for any of us to confirm you actually belong there, and this is a violation of our sidebar rules, and anyone who violates these rules is subject to a ban for an indefinite amount of time.

  3. My post or comment isn’t showing up? Added to FAQ 10/26/16

    Answer: See our sidebar & note the participation rules. Auto-Mod has a VERY busy job on this subreddit to filter out the spam (Some days will get 25+ posts of “all day all night 24hr locksmith” non-sense).

If your submission hasn’t been approved by the human mods within 24 hours, shoot /u/Dakota360ci or the Mod team a PM so the post can be reviewed by myself, or the rest of the Mod team. We all have full-time jobs, so it’s not uncommon to miss posts Auto-Mod removed. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. Keep in mind any posts that violate our sidebar rules will be met with a ban for wasting our time reviewing your post.

I’d like to have our community of regular r/Locksmith posters/commenters chime in on this sticky post, if there’s anything you feel is needed to have added to the FAQ. Message the Moderator Team or post a comment below. This includes any helpful links that you feel are important to add!

Helpful links:

Locksmith finder (ALOA Certified Locksmiths)- www.FindALocksmith.com

KeyPro Locksmith finder (Mostly Automotive Specialists)- http://forum.keypro.com/index.php?/membermap/

SAVTA Certified- Locksmith finder (Safe & Vault)-


Master Locksmiths of Australasia finder- http://www.masterlocksmiths.com.au/

Some info on the ongoing Locksmith scammers in our industry-http://www.phonylocksmiths.com/

ALOA link related to licensing & membership requirements, and to verify a Locksmith is licensed if your State requires it-


Here is a very good article that goes more in depth. Credit: /u/TylerJThomas

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