Rekey 13 locks on my house, okay to reuse pins, but swap order? : Locksmith

I’ve found on ebay and amazon some rekey kits that come with a follower, 4 keys, and a enough pins for 12 locks. I have 13 locks. After thinking about this for a while, I thought, can’t I just save money on pins by just swapping the pin order and getting a couple keys punched to the new code (I know I’ll need a follower and tweezers would help). I also know that pins are super cheap and it’s probably better to just use new pins because of wear and tear, but it puts me in the position of not knowing what to buy. Do I buy the 12 lock rekey kit, then get 25 bags of each pin size? Or just get a bigger set of pins and skip the rekey kit or…

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