Restricted key way retiring smith.

A customer contacted me about making a handful of keys for a system he just had installed. However the key way belongs to the smith. Apparently this smith who only had a couple blanks on him said he would order more and get back to him but has failed to do so. He has been trying to sell his business and retire for at least a year that I know of so I'm dubious that he will ever make these keys at all? I'm a small time guy in a small market and have been careful to not compete with him too much until he retires. Part of me would just like to make the keys because I think it was unethical to sell the customer into the system knowing he was going to retire anyway. I speculate he was just dumping his stock. But I'm going to just recommend if the smith dosn't get back to him soon to replace the system. I'm sure it will make me look like the bad guy but it is what it is I guess.

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