Schlage L9453 simultaneous retractor? : Locksmith

Schlage L9453 simultaneous retractor? : Locksmith

Hello everyone,

I have a Schlage L9453 lockset and it seems to not like being locked. By this I mean that when the deadbolt is engaged, the handle from both outside and in retracts the deadbolt when turned. I’m really not seeing why this a feature at all and would like to figure out if there is something I’m missing with the setup of this lockset?

I have disassembled the lock and found that the simultaneous retractor (Item 40) seems to actuate this. By removing this part the lock behaves as I intend it to (Deadbolt is actuated by key or lock lever, handle opens the latch when deadbolt unlocked and does nothing when deadbolt locked.)

Is removing the simultaneous retractor the way about doing this or is there a way to set this lock up without having to remove parts to get it to stay locked?


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