Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt

Neither of those have keys, hence no keyways. Practically any lock can be picked by someone with the right tools and knowhow. If you want something pick resistant, I would go with Medeco, Abloy, MulTLock, Schlage Primus/Everest, etc. There are a lot of options only limited by your budget. No one here likes the “smart” type locks. The technology is fairly new and as a result, the consumer is basically the beta tester. If I had an electronic lock, I would personally go with one with a key override because the batteries will eventually die and it would suck really bad to have to destroy one of the locks you posted because I was locked out with no other way to get in.

I just noticed your second link is the same as the first. The keyway does make it less secure in the sense that the electronic part of the lock can be overridden. But, I’m pretty sure you could upgrade the cylinder to something other than the standard Schlage C keyway and that would make it more secure. Even the standard cylinder can be upgraded with security pins to make it more secure. But I don’t really think thieves are going around and picking locks to get in houses. I mean, I’m sure they do, but it’s faster to break down the door or break a window. I guess the second lock is nice since it will integrate wihh your security system, if you have that.

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