Hey folks, bought the wrong sided lock and didn’t realise, is there any way to reverse the catch or should I take it back to the shop? Cheers!(uk, assa abloy union ) : Locksmith

Take a photo of your whole lock body. Chances are it’s reversible.

And I just saw your post on r/woodworking. 😳

When people tell us we’re too expensive, this is the kind of shit I point them towards. 5 hours later you have cheap shit hinges, a cheap shit lock (at a second attempt) and enormous gaps around the door after you attacked it with a plane for no reason. Alternatively, you could have had a locksmith open it for you with no/minimal damage for about £75-100.

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Abloy Protec2 Double Deadbolt – Locking all thumbturns from outside the house : Locksmith

I asked about this here before, I asked r/homedefense, I asked SecuritySnobs and I asked Abloy support, and everyone is wrong.

My question was, can I go on vacation and lock all of the thumturns on my Abloy Protec2 deadbolts with lockable thumbturn?

The answer was always NO, as you need to unlock one of them to leave the house, so one lock with have an unlocked thumbturn

This is wrong. Just open the door, lock the thumbturn in the locked position, take your key out and put it in the outside of the door, unlock so you can close, then you can just lock it from the outside again

Now all your deadbolts have inoperable thumbturns, so if you go on vacation and someone busts a window, they still can’t use the door

I just wanted to post here, as it seems no one knew the correct answer

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Converting Abloy tailpiece to work with deadbolt

Hey guys, just a quick question to see if what I’m trying to do is possible without breaking the bank or having to purchase all new hardware.

Short version: Just bought a house, want to rekey the place, and I’ve got a couple of Abloy Disklock KIK cylinders that I wanted to put into the existing deadbolts. I can get the tail pieces to fit and work inside the door, turning the cylinder and extending or retracting the bolt, but it doesn’t quite work as intended because the tailpiece is NOT a floating tailpiece. It’s a fixed tailpiece, and I can’t see a way to get a floating tailpiece on there, which is what the deadbolt needs in order to work with a thumbturn.

At least, that’s the extent of my knowledge on this subject. Could anyone help with this? Is what I’m wanting to do possible? I’d love to have these Abloys work properly inside my KIK deadbolt setup (schlage, btw, but I have kwikset hardware too if that matters), and if there’s any part that I don’t know of that would help, please let me know.

Maybe be wishful thinking, but thanks anyways!

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Good brand doors? Steves brand door won’t accept Abloy strikebox : Locksmith

Hopefully this is a good place to post

My current basic Steves and Sons doors have this weird metal “reinforcing” strip all down the side, with a small hole for the strikeplate. This makes install a strikeBOX from my Abloy locks with the expanding bolt completely impossible without some really, really, really hard work

I want to replace the doors with standard doors with no windows, and I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for doors?

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Lockable Thumbturn Abloy Lock Question

For my home I have Abloy Protec2 Lockable Thumbturn Deadbolts that are Master Keyed

I need to purchase a few more locks and I am trying to decide on the lockable thumbturn vs double deadbolt for my office

I have tried this with my own lock, but maybe I am missing something.

Is there a way to lock the thumbturn from outside the house? If I just turn the key left, it does not lock the thumbturn

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Abus 37/RK80 vs. Abloy PL362 : Locksmith

Since you mention price is no issue, then I would go with the Abloy.

Price point wise, the Abloy is going to be about 60-75% more expensive, at least where I’m from, but is definitely a higher security padlock and a more commonplace mechanism.

This is an advantage for when you need to get the padlock serviced in the future – new keys, rekeying, new shackle(hope you never need to). Essentially making it a bit easier to find a dealer/locksmith able to work on it for you.

Security-wise, the Abus-plus core has been picked, whereas (to my knowledge) the Protec 2 core has yet to be picked and gutted on camera. Make sure you get a Protec 2 core and not a Protec core (suffixed with a T, not an N).

I also think the Abloy keys are a little more solid, although this is mostly a personal preference.

In summary, while they are both disk detainer locks, the Abloy one is built to higher standards.

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