Abus “Key It Twice” feature reset : Locksmith

I purchased a used ABUS 83/55 “K.i.T” model with a Sargent keyway. The previous owner used the second set of keys which rekeyed the lock. I do have both sets of keys. Can I reset this cylinder to how it came from the factory? Below is some info on the KiT feature I found in a PDF abus catalog.

The patented ABUS 83 K.i.T.™ (Key it Twice) series padlocks have some of the most innovative and unique features of any padlocks in the market today. At first glance these padlocks will look and operate just like a normal padlock. The innovation comes in when and if they need to be rekeyed. Each padlock will come with an extra set of keys. Once these keys are inserted to open the padlock it will instantly be rekeyed. It´s just that simple! No more throwing away and old padlock just because you lost the original keys! Each lock type is available in 4 special keyways (Yale, Kwikset, Schlage, Sargent). These keyways make it possible to have your padlock keyed up to the same key that operates your house or business (A locksmith may be needed to perform this task).

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Abus 37/RK80 vs. Abloy PL362 : Locksmith

Since you mention price is no issue, then I would go with the Abloy.

Price point wise, the Abloy is going to be about 60-75% more expensive, at least where I’m from, but is definitely a higher security padlock and a more commonplace mechanism.

This is an advantage for when you need to get the padlock serviced in the future – new keys, rekeying, new shackle(hope you never need to). Essentially making it a bit easier to find a dealer/locksmith able to work on it for you.

Security-wise, the Abus-plus core has been picked, whereas (to my knowledge) the Protec 2 core has yet to be picked and gutted on camera. Make sure you get a Protec 2 core and not a Protec core (suffixed with a T, not an N).

I also think the Abloy keys are a little more solid, although this is mostly a personal preference.

In summary, while they are both disk detainer locks, the Abloy one is built to higher standards.

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Coin Op Shutter Lock…. Abus maybe? : Locksmith

Hi There,

So I inherited 5 coin operated car wash boxes. I am pretty sure they are manufactured by Magikist, I didn’t get the keys for them though.

Their website says they use BlockLock shutter locks. From what I can see they look like an abus shutter lock, can anyone confirm that the key code for abus shutter locks are on the bottom of the lock, as I can see them. Also if anyone would know the model, and or blank # that would be awesome…. See the links below

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